No Wonder

Take it with me, love
To a place it can be loved
Little bird, little stone, shine
In light of the undying
Dig with your hands, dear
Gather our friends dear
And I will cover in dust, dear
Silence and trust dear.
Stay through the winter
Wait for the splinter,
And the green in the springtime
Queen and her king time

Sweetness all summer and fall
Hit like a tremor
And split in the autumn
Pit with no bottom.

And after the fall, out in the country
In the long drought with you, honey
And I call(?), daughter and son
Ours to adore whatever may come
After our chores end, and our money
And our scores are settled and done
Darling I will stay til the last
Plates are all filled, trays are all passed
Ain’t it a thrill, ain’t it a gas?
Forded(?) the hill, and don’t it go fast?
At the foot of the hill, we empty our glasses

And I’ll follow you over,
Will you follow me under?
Crawl through the shadows,
Call out the wonder.
Oh how I’ll love you,
Time will tell–
I’ll never tire of you.
I’m just tired of myself, dear.

And as our days, waft in a ream
All patters(?) away, soft as a dream
We laugh and we race
Off and on, we
Capture a stray pod on a breeze
Hammer a stake, mark in our seed
Manage to rake, water, and weed
Hundred to one our garden will grow
But wonder or none, I wanna be known
Wanna be stung, wanna be shown
Want for no one but you and your
Warm openin’ arms
Watching the rolling storm clouds sail by

our window and darken the valley
Pale, pocked, and dimpled
Crocodile bellies
We wait all night and count the thunder
There is no lightning
It is no wonder.

But just before dawn, water comes streaming
In the dark, every bead
Burns like a star, blinking to sleep
Burns like a spark, burrowing deep
Under the lawn, quiet and green
Rain has begun, honey come see
Under the sun, rising like steam
Wonder or none, I wanna be seen
Wanna be–eventually, eventually

Grow through the winter, and summer
Surely and slowly
Little stone, shine of wonder
At home with you only


Played for the first time at Joanna Newsom's surprise concert on March 22nd, 2023. Lyrics are the community's best guess until an official recording comes out.