Bombs Are Whistling

I face it with my flayed skull in a glacial morning wind
it burns like salt, it’s not your fault that i ain’t got no skin
Crying out into the dawn until my voice is gone, I call
I love you through it all.
They said I couldn’t hold you when I tried to take your hand
alarm bells rang, the nurse was saying things I can’t understand
too warm, too warm I drew my arm away against the glass
is he okay? my flayed skull asked

I prayed the fear would pass
they say you need me here now
and I need that… but i’m needed

my eyes scan everyplace
and I stand guard all night
in vigil, in wardening and in waste
wilds(?) too cold and blue
but look at those curls
how do you do?

though I cannot imagine you
recall it, or conceived
long ago and far away I know what I believe
I know, I know, I know
because they tell me that it’s true
the spell will break and wake me anew
so I sit and rock and drop through space and kiss your face and sing
the smoke is thick, my skin is sick
the bombs are whistling
the death, the doom the leaden looming dread is always near
but I love you and you are here

I feared that it had won(?)
I feared that you would never find me
my darling sun/son
but you found me
and though it took awhile
now I look and find your blinding starlight smile
surrounds me
we bleed through
clear and true
here, with you now

I wish that I could show you what I know about this pain
I’ll tell ya now, I don’t know how, but I’ll be back again
for bowed within the scouring wind that lays low everything
‘I love you,’ my flayed skull sings


Played for the first time at Joanna Newsom's surprise concert on March 22nd, 2023. Lyrics are the community's best guess until an official recording comes out.