Same Old Man

official lyrics from Divers

It's the same old lady, putting out the wash,
standing in the rain, in her mackintosh—
same old lady standing in the rain!
The thought of New York was going insane.

Hey little leaf, lying on the ground—
now you're turning slightly brown!
Why don't you get up on the tree,
turn the color green the way you ought to be?

My mind is failing, and my body grows weak.
My lips won't form the words I speak.
I'm floating away on a barrel of pain.
New York City won't see me again.

It's the same old man, sitting by the mill,
mill-wheel turning of its own free will.
I'm certainly glad to be at home.
New York City continues on, alone.


The original version of this song is by Karen Dalton, who has long been a favorite of JN's. It is only JN's second cover to be released, the first being Milk Eyed Mender's "Three Little Babes". The song's themes and images (of time, loss, and leaving New York City) fit perfectly into Divers.

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